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Doc Walker Interviews Sonny: Don't Blame the Offensive Line

Doc Walker and Kevin Sheehan interviewed Sonny Jurgensen yesterday on the Locker Room, covering the hot topics of the draft and Jason Campbell. The full mp3 of the interview is below and highly recommended, but here are the highlights:

Sonny Jurgensen's reaction to the draft: They were just grab bagging...I'm sure they researched all these guys. They didn't have a lot of picks to work with. They tried to move up...Jets beat them to it. Drafting Qbs...Leaf, George, don't know what you're getting. So trading up is so risky. Ryan Leaf, you thought had all the tools you need. It's sexy to bring in a guy like Sanchez.

Regarding the rumor Campbell wanted to be traded if Sanchez was drafted: The thing that bothered me was how Jason or his agent reacted. 'Oh, I want to be traded.' What you want to here is, 'Bring em all in! I'll compete with them!' That's what I want to hear."

Doc: He never said that he wanted to be traded. I spoke with him, but I agree. I mean...if a man can beat you out in 3 months who doesn't know the offense and you do know it, then he's better than you are!

Sonny: Football is competition. I would be like "Bring em in! I don't care! He's not getting my job! It's mine!"

Kevin Sheehan: You concerned JC is too sensitive?

Sonny: Everyone is sensitive, which is OK. It can't bother you though. You're paid. You have a job. You're suppose to be the leader of the offense. Now play and lead. He's got the same coach, same offense, same system this fans don't want to hear 'it's only my second year.' It should be a big step up [this year]. And they're gonna entertain more Qbs next year [so it is what it is].

Doc: Looking at the 2nd half of the season, and I have no clarification of this yet, but it appears someone in the organization has tried to lay this demise on Jason...and it was his inabilty to make plays as to why they have failed. No one has disputed this based on the chase for Sanchez and Cutler.

If I'm Jason, I'm going, 'well there's also the took an entire year to get talent on the field.' I want someone on the (coaching) staff to tell me what happened. Roethlisberger got sacked more than any other QB in the league, yet they won rings,so don't blame the offensive line.

(Steelers were actually the 4th most sacked team, Patriots 5th, and Skins 10th)

Sonny: Well there you go. The QB and head coach always gets the blame..that's the nature of the NFL.

Sonny then quoted a great Sam Huff line: "You live in hope and die in despair."

Full interview:

As much as I have been shouting with my bull horn the need for an OL this week, I full-heartedly agree here. When a team goes 2-6 the second half of the season, there is something other teams have picked up on tape. Not only that, the 2nd half of games is where the Skins really broke down. Teams were making half-time adjustments. I remember multiple games where

- the play-calling was VERY questionable.
- The poor 2-minute offense drills,
- Bengals game where Sellers got the ball every goal-line carry (and then fumbled).
- Campbell never audibling

There is a lot of blame to go around here. If the season at all goes rocky, Campbell and Zorn will likely be on the hot seat, which will not be fun for us to debate.