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2009 NFL Draft Grades: Washington Redskins: B-

Round (Pick) Player
1 (13) Brian Orakpo DE Texas [Profile]
3 (80) Kevin Barnes DB Maryland [Profile]
5 (158) Cody Glenn OLB Nebraska (from Minnesota) [Profile]
6 (186) Robert Henson ILB TCU [Profile]
7 (221) Eddie Williams TE Idaho (from Minnesota) [Profile]
7 (243) Marko Mitchell WR Nevada (Compensatory pick) [Profile]

(Click the profile links for info, combine stats, and Skins fan's reactions)

As indicated by the poll here on Hogs Haven, we all love the Orakpo pick. What is disconcerning is how lucky we got. When Orakpo fell to #12, Cerrato was looking to trade spots with Denver. Vinny said:

I called Denver and said do you want to flip flop and he said ‘you are going to get your guy.’ Once they turned in [Knowshon] Moreno then I called Brian.

What is Josh McDaniels thinking?? Denver could have EASILY taken the 3rd or 5th pick from the Redskins and STILL have gotten Knowshon. It really baffles me and Denver fans are beyond furious. Either way, Orakpo was the excellent call so A+ there to the front office.

For Kevin Barnes, I have no problem with this pick as well. Adding depth in the secondary is a safe move with an aging Smoot, and KB was slotted to be a first day pick if it wasn't for his injury (which he has fully rehabbed from). At this point I was still pissed that we weren't drafting OL, but I saw "value" here as Vinny would say so I let it go. B+.

Now this is the point I start throwing my beer against the wall.

Cody Glenn, RB/OLB from Nebreska and Robert Henson, ILB, from TCU. Linebackers? SERIOUSLY? At this point Javon Ringer, an excellent RB both Devin Thomas and I off the board. Missed that boat. Some solid lineman are left and several Hogs Haven members were lobbying for Duke Robinson. But the Redskins HAVE to have a good reason for drafting them right?! Let's look at what Zorn said about Robert Henson:

“I told him on the phone, ‘I don’t exactly know where you’re going to end up. Just come and let’s play,’” Zorn said.

Sweet. Special teams guy. The Skins' offense ranked 17 points a game with all the weapons they have, and they're drafting guys with no idea of where they'll play. Come on guys. D+.

Grrrr. So OK...Cedric Dockery is on the board and there are some 'fat guys' left with 2 picks. No worries, right?

AHH. I was at my softball game when my cell phone was blowing up. "Skins drafted a WR and a TE." I thought it had to be a joke. So by my count the Redskins have FOUR tight ends? Do they plan on running the wildcat with Todd Yoder in the backfield and Fred Davis and Cooley on the ends? GIMME A BREAK GUYS! Then the next text came in that he would be used as a fullback.

“He’s running and cutting,” Cerrato said. “If he had not been hurt, he would have been a third round pick.”

OK, so this pick makes more sense to me. Sellers, who we all love, is getting old and holding out for more money (thank you Rosenhaus). Decent pick by the Redskins here. B.

As for the WR, I am still am in shock. Vinny spoke about Marko Williams:

"He’s a big guy who has a lot of skills and can really run"

Thanks Vinny! Most wide receivers can!! Ugh. Really baffles me. I think overall the Skins are in good shape, it just would have been nice to have seen the RB and OL positions been ATTEMPTED to filled. We'll keep an eye on signings the next couple days. Dr Wnc offers some good analysis as well pointing out many OL are to be found with post-draft free agent signings.


Update: Matt Terl posted an updated list of UFA signings, only two OL...and yes, TWO more tight ends. I'm going to go find a punching bag now.