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Getting to Know Brian Orakpo

Jason, the Eagles SB Nation blogger who was at the Draft in NYC, just emailed me all the quotes regarding Orakpo:

Orakpo: "I talked with with Kirk Olivadotti and he really likes me, sees me as a SAM back (SLB) first and second and then it's time to get after it, third and long or whatever the situation is. Get down in the stance and rush the pass and do what I do best. That's the thing about me, I bring a lot of versatility to the table."

Also Cerrato said they "made a couple of calls" about moving up for Sanchez "but it was too expensive"

Vinny Cerrato on Orakpo: "I was shocked that he fell. I think the thing that helped was that if Cleveland would have stayed at 5, they would have probably taken Raji or Orapko and that takes a defensive player off. Then he probably goes. I think that helped us because an offensive player went, it pushed another defensive player back"

Then Orapko on the Skins: "I just felt it. When I met with all the other teams, the Washington Redskins had the best vibes. The coaching staff, the owner, the team, everything is just so great. I told them I would be very excited to have the opportunity to play for them."

How Excited is he to be a Redskin -- "Very Excited. The Redskins are a great, great program. I am just so excited to get down there and get started."

How surprised was he to still be on the board at #13 -- "To be honest I wasn't really thinking about it. I'm just kind of different. I just wanted to have the opportunity to be drafted and finally know where I go"

On how excited he is to play with Albert Haynesworth -- "I am ecstatic. Having one of the best defensive tackles in the game right now will make my job easier, I'll tell you that much. That is what you need, that force up the middle, so it will be great."