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Draft Day! Live coverage from Fedex Field

Img_0560_mediumI got here a little after 11am and the Eastern Motors tent is the place to be. The doors are about top open so I'll be heading in shortly (not really). Talking to fans every single one is against bringing in Sanchez, but of course would be supportive of whover is under center. Not sure what a dude wearing a Roy Williams Dallas jersey is doing here but I plan to track down what the hell his thinking is.

Just to warn you guys, Sanchez is a serious liklihood. That interview with Doc proved how little faith they have in Jason. It is possible to trade up wihout giving up the 1st next year.

I'll be posting more pics and reactions from fans on this post as they day check out the COMMENTS for all the pictures/stories of fans, players, and cheerleaders.