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2nd Round Pick: Jason Taylor #55 Jersey Being Destroyed

What a draft for the Redskins. Orakpo and Haynesworth together. Anyone got any witty nicknames for our DLine now? Man, is this what it feels like to win a Super Bowl? Let's continue the draft day fun moving the open thread to this post.

Since the Redskins don't have a second round pick due to the Jason Taylor trade, we at Hogs Haven went out of our way to help entertain you. Our friend Joe's wife had a Jason Taylor jersey and we've been talking at length the last month how best to destroy it....the runner-up option was placing the jersey in a litter box and having a cat crap on it. Joe settled on this.

MAJOR thanks to longtime friend, Joe (aka monk81) for shooting this video.  

Note: This jersey will most likely make an appearance at the Redskins first home tailgate.