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Underrated offseason move?

The 'Skins just signed Hunter Smith, a punter who was great in Indianapolis for many years. He also is an accomplished holder, something that Shaun Suisham said was lacking last year.

Only in Washington can fans be this excited about signing a punter in late April.

Now all we need to do is trade our first round pick for Shane Lechler and alienate Smith the second he gets on the roster, right?

But in all seriousness, this could be one of the key moves of our offseason if he is still in top form (I didn't really see him last year... and if I did... who pays attention to punters anyway?). All I know is he had 10 of his 53 punts last season inside the 10 yard line, an average of over 44 yards a punt, and hasn't missed a game in all ten seasons.

After watching Mike Scifres take over a playoff game singlehandedly last year, the importance of a punter can no longer be overvalued. Let's hope this pans out.