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Final Countdown: Draft Day Expectations and Best Redskins Tattoo Ever

Well, we're finally here. It's Christmas Eve and all the rumors of what we will or will not get for Christmas will be answered tomorrow. All the talk we've had regarding how classy Jason Campbell has understandably boiled over with his request for a trade (if Sanchez is picked).

I hate this feeling. This is the first time ever where I have felt the Redskins as a team will not be better off come 6pm on Saturday. How is it possible that a team could be worse off immediately after a NFL draft? Well, it has happened before. Ugh. My immediate thought is how will the Redskins players take the Sanchez news and the repeated attempts to send Soupy down the garbage disposal? The offense has to start all over again being patient while waiting for a new QB to learn the ropes. If it's not a new head coach, it's a new QB. Most players surely take the "that's the business and I'll play no matter who is under center" approach, but what about rhythm? I expect to see a lot of 3rd and short plays where the WR runs an out and the QB throws an in. Not to mention false alarms...mis-reading blitzes....I'm just not ready for this.

OK, so the positives? Well....not much more than optimism. I recalled that the Giants in 2005 where in a similar predicament as the Redskins where they only had 4 total draft picks...and boy did they make the most of them:

2nd Round (43) - Corey Webster, DB
3rd Round (74) - Justin Tuck, DE
4th Round (110) - Brandon Jacobs, RB
6th Round (186) - Eric Moore, DE [played for the Rams last year]

That is certainly making the most from a limited number of picks. I have zero way of guessing if the Skins can pull off such a feat, but it's safe to say I'm not holding my breath. Comment below who you think the Redskins will honestly land.
OK, so since we need something to hold our heads high about the next 24 hours, how about the best tattoo over?