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CP and Moss attend Edgerrin James' wife's funeral [naples news] (sad story)

Rumorville: Jason Campbell to the Jets on draft day? [jets blog] []
(Jets fan: 'Have we learned nothing from the Patrick Ramsey experiment?') haha

Doc and Sheehan interview Chris Horton (mp3) [espn radio]
(Chris's mentality for this year is spot-on...the work ethic of this kid is great)

Cooley interviews Devin Thomas [cooley blog
(Hits up a strip club between all his working out and vomiting)

Redskins Draft party. Print your ticket to go or follow the live action on Hogs Haven

WaPost catches up with Sam Huff and his weekly horse racing show [WaPost]

Ex Jags WR Jimmy Smith pulled over with crack in his car [espn
(What is going on with the WRs in Jacksonville?)

Lions wrapping up their deal with Stafford []

SBNation doing a 5K Twitter race....follow Hogs Haven on Twitter [HH twitter]
(Twitter will definitely be in effect on draft day at Fedex Field)

Jim McMahon can help you with your boners [shutdown corner]
"You may remember me as a Super Bowl Champion Quarterback, but now I've got a play to make YOU a champion in the bedroom"