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Matt Terl talks with Director of Player Personnel, Scott Campbell  [Redskins Blog]

Campbell: "You don't factor [your pick #] into the evaluation of the player. You have to evaluate and stack the board in terms of how they fit in for us as Redskin football players.

Everyone can take a deep breath...

I think Matt’s interview with Campbell should calm some fans. The Redskins are simply evaluating every player. Just because they like Sanchez…that doesn’t mean they will trade the house for him. What am I basing this on? Not much with how much the Skins like to trade picks, but every failed trade where the Skins included picks is a lesson learned.

If the offer is right, they’ll do it. If not, then take the best player or trade back. 

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Major thanks to the Redskins and SB Nation for putting this together. Some great stories sure to come, starting with the live blogging on Saturday.

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(Party is tonight for Game 4 and first beer is free) 

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(Participated in the 12th Annual Airbus Kaps for Kids Walk-a-Thon organized by the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater DC.)