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Daily Slop: Orakpo the new rumor? I give up guessing.

Orakpo visits Redskins Park, meets Snyder, coaches likes him [JLC]

Hogs Haven wins NCAA Bracket Challenge vs Ravens blog! 
(What jersey should we make him wear? Wuerrfel, Jason Taylor, Deion Sanders?)

Redskins could fill OLB and Center holes on 2nd day of draft [JLC]

10-year anniversary of the Ricky Williams trade with Charley Casserly [WaTimes]

Casserly gave Ditka the No. 5 overall selection for all six of the Saints' picks plus their first- and third-rounders in 2000 in the NFL's biggest trade in 40 years...Ditka chose Williams, two spots before Casserly took Georgia cornerback Champ Bailey. 

Casserly was fired by Snyder three months after the lopsided deal so that the impetuous, young owner could run the team through his own man (Vinny Cerrato), but there's no arguing that acquiring Champ, LaVar and Jansen for Ricky Williams is one of the greatest trades in Redskins history.

Jaguars sign Torry Holt []

Ravens not giving into Card's demands for 1st and 3rd for Boldin []

Shutdown Corner podcasts SB Nation's mock draft, incl Hogs Haven's pick [Yahoo]

Dan Snyder not looking so bad! Celine Dion to buy the Montreal Habs? [deadspin]

Hogs Haven will be live blogging the draft from Fedex Field this Saturday
(I'll be interviewing and blogging the day...including interviews and pics with cheerleaders, fans, and hopefully a couple players and coaches. Also Zorn's speech, so if you can't make it over to Fedex, can always have your laptop open by the TV)