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Rumorville Continues: Snyderrato hell bent on Sanchez

Seahawks fans are rejoicing at the expense of Redskins Nation:

Yes, Yes, Yes! Thank god for Daniel Snyder and Vinny Cerrato! Ok, I maybe getting a bit too excited to quickly, but there is some evidence that the Skins, who have a documented mancrush on Mark Sanchez, have now called and put out feelers about what it might take to move into the Seahawks [#4] spot...

This is all from a post that Redskins Insider just posted. So the Seahawks move down 9 spots and get an extra 1st round pick next year. Seems asinine to me. JLC is hearing things:

Several sources have suggested the Redskins have begun to send out feelers on what it might take to get Seattle's pick, and the Seahawks, at this stage, would likely seek two first-round picks on the high end. That was a price the Redskins were willing to pay for Chad Johnson last year and Jay Cutler a few weeks back, although neither deal was completed.

I was just IM'ing with sugar (we need a poll for a new nickname), and he thinks it is to get Orakpo, or praying for an ideal pick of Jason Smith. In my opinion, no one is worth trading two 1st rounders for unless the player has already won a Super Bowl and is in his prime. I am a little surprised that the Boldin to Washington rumors have not been blown out of proportion. The good news on that is since Boldin is represented by Rosenhaus, the Skins don't have the cap room to sign him (though he is a great player).

Back to the issue, at this point, how can JC seriously stay focused? He's the equivalent of a lame duck president right now, none of which is his fault. What I find baffling about this rumor is that the Skins are willing to give up TWO first rounders, the same pricetag in essence for what Cutler is. So Cerrato thinks Cutler, a pro-bowler, has the same value as Sanchez, a college QB? I just don't get it. They just want a replacement at the QB spot no matter what the expense. So this makes JC and Colt wasted draft picks then.