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Daily Slop: Malcolm Kelly Update

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Matt Terl interviews Malcolm Kelly [Skins Blog]

So do you expect to be ready to go at hundred percent by preseason?

Kelly: "Oh, yeah. Oh yeah. I'm gonna do the last OTA. During the time of the first OTAs I'll just be strengthening and running and stuff like that, but the last OTA I'll get in and hopefully do like I did last OTA and training camp and this time just keep it rolling, man, right into the season."

Dan and Vinny are Giving JC the 'Dirty Sanchez' [fatpickle]  (Fantastic read.)

Cardinals now willing to trade Boldin [usa today] 
(Please dear Lord keep him out of the NFC East)

Champ Bailey returning to Fedex Field [WaTimes]

Aaron Curry is exactly the type of player the Redskins need [cnnsi]
(Invites 12-year old leukemia survivor to join him and his family draft day in NYC)

Michael Vick reality show coming [Yahoo]