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Daily Slop: Cooley's Fundraiser

Hogs Haven's Ken Meringolo  won one of the big ticket items in the live auction outbidding an early bid by Portis, and then battling against some girl for the signed, authentic jersey. Props to Tanner Cooley for egging Ken on, "you're not going to get outbid by a girl are you!?"


We got to talk to a lot of players and coaches last night.

  • I asked one of the coaches how Devin and Malcolm were coming along and he told me "they still have a long way to go." I don't like the sound of that.
  • I have been very vocal about the Mark Sanchez rumors being nothing more than a smoke and mirrors show. That is definitely NOT true. If Sanchez is still on the board, there is a chance Washington will draft him.
  • The players on our team know very well how bad the O-line was last year and it was a running joke on the defense. Everyone would love to see an OL in the first round, well, except you know who.
  • We talked to Renaldo Wynn for a good half hour. Real genuine guy. He talked about how different Tom Coughlin is as coach for the Giants compared to when he played with him in JAX. He said Strahan went into his office and straightened him out....telling him he needs to relax. Looks like that worked out well. I asked him what it was like during the Spurrier era,  and he laughed and we moved onto something else. Wynn said he'd be happy to sit down with us for a formal interview, so we'll work on that in the coming weeks.
  • I talked to Devin Thomas about Javon Ringer as a possible Skin. Devin thought he'd be the perfect compliment for CP. When I asked if he put in a good word for Ringer with Vinny and the coaches, he replied that Vinny and the coaches are holed up doing their own thing.  Like it would matter anyway. Whatever can sell jerseys I'm starting to think Washington will draft.
  • Chris definitely saw our April Fool's 'Coolique' cologne post and that got a laugh.
  • Chatting with the Skins Blogger, we both agreed this year's Redskinettes class is the best we've ever seen. You have my promise I will get multiple interviews and pictures up of the First Ladies of Football.

More pictures/stories from Cooley's fundraiser after the jump....

Players in attendance: Haynesworth, CP, Devin Thomas, Cooley, Colt Brennan, Todd Collins, Zac Atterberry, Renaldo Wynn, Jason Campbell