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Rocky McIntosh taking on leadership role in locker room [WaTimes]

Happy Anniversary! 15th year anny of Heath Shuler pick [nytimes]

Daunte Culpepper gets his Jenny Craig on - loses 30 lbs []

Bills' DB Donte Whitner tasered and arrested at Ted Ginn's Bday party []

Zach Thomas now a Chief [billsinsider]

Jets about to make an offer for Cowboys' Austin []

Annual WaPost Easter Peeps diarama contest finalists [WaPost]
(Sweeney Todd, US Air in the Hudson, Gitmo, As Seen on TV...lot of good ones)

Man grabs wife's boob at Masters on National TV [buzzfeed]

HogsHaven will be at the Nats home opener today to watch them go 0-7
(We'll be in the Red Loft pre-game...stop by and say Hi. I'll be rocking the Easterns Motors Ovie jersey.)