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Chris Mortensen Says He Has Redskins In Lead (with Bucs) For Cutler's Services

Oh Jebus...

Just when we thought it was all over. Mort said (about 5 minutes ago) that he thought the Buccaneers and Redskins were the two top teams in the hunt for trading for Cutler.Here is what he said on NFL Live:

"The Redskins, I would almost [put] them on top because Daniel Snyder wants to make this happen. Without question. He wants to make it happen. It wouldn't surprise me if within 24 hours the Redskins did this deal."


We beat this one up already the first time around, but these are some strong words from a guy who usually knows at least a little about the way the wind is blowing. Is he wrong sometimes? Sure he is. But this will do nothing to quell the rumors in D.C., that's for sure.

Let the comment frenzy begin.