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Hogs Haven: Face Lift Time?


Hey all. We didn't exactly move into a fixer-upper here (this site was nice when we got here)--but we are in the process of renovating the HogsHaven experience. You'll notice small changes up and down the sides of the homepage as we continue to put our stamp on the site. We think it's time to change the HogsHaven main logo. We thought of a great idea of integrating "HH" as the logo in the Skins 75th anniversary logo, but we just realized that's major copyright infringement. Grrr. It makes sense since none of the other SBNation blogs incorprate team logos. So, we thought we'd hit up the community to hear what you think. Let's first start if you like the current logo with a poll. If you have ideas or suggestions, please comment below.

I know some people would like to have Adam Archuleta in a sarong, or Bruce Smith lying sprawled across a tiger rug, but those options of course are not viable either. The one thing to keep in mind is that whatever logo we go with, it gets printed on banners and you'll be seeing it everywhere...even in your sleep.