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Demetric Evans tells it like it is on the way out...and the Outsider gets a few shots in too. (Outsider)

Let the Cutler vs. Simms battle begin...Now, we aren't saying that Cutler should lose his starting job to Chris Simms. What we ARE saying is that if Cutler gets hurt and misses a lot of games this year--with his next contract in the balance, Simms is the kind of player that can throw in that system. P.S. Patrick Ramsey was the old backup, and was last seen on Wednesday visiting the Patriots.

In case you didn't know, our old friendly Redskin safety Matt Bowen writes for the National Football Post. When I serve up the slop, I like to include them, so here is Matt Bowen's Quick Hits from yesterday.

Get your learn on to the tune of our fight song.

For all you Seinfeld fans, looks like the original foursome is getting back together for en episode of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'.

And finally, to keep the Friday slop as light and fluffy as possible, here is a little treat for you: