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Daily Slop: Free Agency Picks Up Again

Demetric Evans and 49ers Agree on Deal [Redskins Insider]

T.O. released by the Cowboys [espn] ($9.5 million cap hit in dead money)

Lav Coles to the Bengals; Jay Feely to the Jets [dailynews]

Robert Royal to the Browns []

Ravens lock in Ray Lewis for 3-years [espn]

Phillip Buchanon signs with Lions [espn]

Kurt Warner officially signs for 2-year $23 million, $19m guaranteed [espn]

Mushin Muhammad's house for sale on ebay [deadspin]

Shawn Springs left Philly without signing (yet) []

Michael Strahan plants hidden tracking devices on his girlfriends [nypost]

Bracketology for DC's best hamburger. Vote now! []