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I Think, Therefore IM: Shawn Springs as an Eagle

(Another new piece is sharing KevinE's and my IM's. There's no point we can't all battle in this.) Today's IM battle ....

KevinE: Looks like Shawn Springs is going to be an Eagle

KevinE: I imagine he'll have his best year
Ken (sugar): no way...he'll play maybe 9 games...maybe

KevinE: but what he divulges to them when watching tape of us

Ken (sugar): they knew what was coming when we beat them at Fedex last season and couldn’t stop it

KevinE: when Pierce and Hasselbeck went to Big Blue...we got PISSED on those next 2 games

Ken (sugar): I am not as worried about that in this situation because our offense is still coming together...things we should be able to do well this year will be things we did not do well last year.

KevinE: no..I mean for THEIR offense playing against OUR d

Ken (sugar): ahhhh

KevinE: I guess with Haynes it all changes up...but Shawn knows London so well and what Greg will plan against the Birds

Ken (sugar): yeah, but all London does is make tackles. J Taylor did great against them last year at Fedex....that could be a blow…if Haynesworth can’t help get pressure on McNabb, we’re f’ed regardless.

KevinE: The blitzing packages though...yea, with Haynesworth and Horton now full-time, it should be a different D out there.

Ken (sugar): losing Shawn can't be seen as some team-breaking event...he was too expensive, we have 2 starting CB's that are 25 years old, and he had to be axed

KevinE: I guess it depends what he goes for is my point

KevinE: if the Birds get him for cheap...which they always do...then maybe we should have re-signed him


KevinE: he's still shut-down on TO

KevinE: wow, I just farted really loud at my desk...luckily everyone around me has headphones on

Ken (sugar): we need to re-sign Evans before anyone

KevinE: we have a ton of cap room, I'd agree with that, but I'm saying just keep it open as a possibility

Ken (sugar): I love how we have a ton of cap room...we truly are in bizarro world

KevinE: it's bizarro world regardless of where we are at the cap

Ken (sugar): yeah, but to think we have room to go out and sign some more people is ludicrous....I want Ray Willis. is he signed yet?

Ken (sugar): he is still available. Go get him Vinny!

Ken (sugar): besides, what could Shawn really "shut-down" for us? we are loaded with mediocre receivers. if you shut one down, another will step up and play some very mediocre ball!

KevinE: then how did we beat dallas’ and philly’s 3-4

KevinE: but yea, I agree w/ that mostly

KevinE: but WRs don’t run wild on us...

KevinE: with Springs healthy for us

Ken (sugar): Dallas did not hand it off to Felix Jones and Philly has no identity against's like they forget that they should beat us 55-0 and just start doing a bunch of dumb stuff

Ken (sugar): Donovan has tightened up against us the last few years. he forgot he can run for 150 yds per game against us and he made some terrible throws. then the ones that should have beaten us (to Desean Jackson) got dropped.

KevinE: yea

Ken (sugar): and let's not forget their inability to get the ball in the end zone from the goal line...the giants and skins stonewalled them at the goal line in the beginning of the year...incidentally it was demetric evans that made the huge 3rd and goal stop in philly for us when we beat them on the road

Ken (sugar): we should offer Ray Willis a 2-yr deal. throw a roster bonus in for next offseason and try and build in a way to work the cap like we are doing with Randle-El and Carter

Ken (sugar): he is a young tackle and could probably start for Jansen right away

KevinE: back to Shawn…he could be their safety...that could screw us up

Ken (sugar): especially since I thought he should have started the season as our safety last year

KevinE: over Horton and #30? I dunno about that

KevinE: maybe have 3 safeties. you dummy.

Ken (sugar): that was before we knew who Horton was....he was just one of Vinny's picks at that point…which did not exactly vault him into anyone’s high esteem

Ken (sugar): Landry and Springs at safety would have been something...what I was thinking at the time anyway

KevinE: yea, def. would be good to have Springs as a backup safety and corner...

KevinE: Smoot/Carlos/Dhall..we can’t expect to be 100% all year

Ken (sugar): Horton works out well for us because he can catch tipped balls like a beast...and Carlos Rogers tips balls up with the best of them but can’t bring them down

KevinE: what about the balls that hit Carlos in the chest and then drop b/w his legs?

Ken (sugar): what about the balls that hit you in the jaw and dangle by your chin?
KevinE: Your sisters can better answer this question than me. Seriously...what $$ value is Springs to you worth keeping?