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Daily Slop: Haynesworth pleads "not guilty"

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Albert Hanyesworth pleads "not guilty" to 2 traffic charges [Tennessean]
This surprises me since in the copy of the police report Hogs Haven obtained, there are TWO eye witnesses, including the victim, that have him driving wrecklessly. Hogs Haven will dig deeper to attempt to obtain the defense's reasoning. 

Redskins/Patriots pre-season game to be on national TV [examiner]

Bizarre Mike Singletary Quotues continue [Shutdown Corner]
(49ers want to talk to Stafford about his parents' divorce and he said 'No')

Renaldo Wynn on WPL
- Talks about changes from last time he was here, including #53 being gone.
-Renaldo said he learned a lot of secrets about the Giants D-line and he plans to pass that info on