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HH Community Mock Draft: Pick #13 - Washington Redskins select...


Brian Cushing, LB USC


I gave Tyson Jackson out of LSU a real hard look here. But I am happy to go with my previous post stating that Cushing would be our guy. Without the top-tier offensive lineman still lurking out there, the Skins will turn to their other pressing needs on defense and take what should be an impact player at the LB spot. Cushing has the ability and polish to start right away on this defense and will hopefully be put into position to attack behind Haynesworth from different spots on the defensive line. The good news there is that as he is learning his job, he can be placed into positions where he does not need to think so much---just rush the passer boy!

I feel like I speak for us all when I say that getting more draft picks would be a goal with this pick, but if we burn the pick on a player, Cush is a hell of a player.

The Saints (kevine) are on the clock.