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Doc Walker Interviews Vinny Cerrato with No Holds Barred

Doc Walker interviewed Vinny Cerrato on Friday as the Skins blogger and Warpath both wrote about. Doc did not hold back in his questions:

If Vinny had to do it again, he would absolutely trade a 2nd and a 6th for Jason Taylor. 

Before resigning DeAngelo Hall, Cerrato talked to our defensive coaches and players and asked about Halls work ethic and locker room presence – the vote was unanimous, everyone wanted Hall back.

Cerrato was very familiar with Stubby and knew he only wanted to get paid. Cerrato was obviously cautious with Haynesworth. What impressed Cerrato about Haynesworth is that he really wants to be remembered as one of the best DTs to play the game. He doesn’t just want to get paid.

Andre Smith would be a “definite candidate” if he fell to 13.

Snyder, Zorn and himself go into the draft with a plan, build consensus....Snyder doesnt watch tape or review film. 

We’re not drafting another punter.

Santana Moss LOVES returning punts and the plan is for him to do that at least 1-2 times per game. 

In last years draft, the Skins "Plan A" was to draft Jerod Mayo.

To me, it looks like the Skins have turned the corner in their process. Jerod would have been a perfect fit for the Skins, and the fact their scouting was inline with the Patriots is re-assuring. From the interview, there still seems to be a lot of transparency on exactly what the owner's role is, but it seems to me Snyder has stepped back a lot. 

Devin, Fred, and Malcolm have been put on notice and their off-season for all three lends me to believe we're going to see at least one of them step up. My money is on Devin. Zorn already said that Fred Davis will see very little time since Cooley is such an impact player on the field, which really makes me question why we burned a 2nd round pick on him if he can't ever contribute.

It also appears Chad Rinehart is improving since getting some reps with the first team, and the RT starting position is Heyer's if he can just fix his mechanical flaws.

Audio of the interview is available at ESPN 980.