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Daily Slop: Free Agency

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Mike Lombardi thinks Dockery is a bust [billsinsider]

Dan Snyder assures that this Free Agency isn't the same debacle from past years and that Haynesworth will be here for 7 years [usatoday]

"We've learned our lesson," Snyder said. "This is not the old ways at all. This is what I should have done a long time ago. He's a very young man.

"I've learned that you don't do a seven-year contract with a player that's 33. You do it when he's 27. That's the big difference."

Shawn Springs tour: Next stop Bourbon Steet [canalchronicles]

Giants bringing in vet safety CC Brown from HOU [dailynews]

Kurt Warner visits San Fran & takes physical []

Mike Green guest bartending @ Front Page in Arlington this Friday

Free Helmet Night + Hat trick at Blackhawks game = Shenanigans [deadspin]
Blackhawks have hot girls on skates wearing basically nothing skate around to pick up the helmets.