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Daily Slop

Wow...the offseason makes for some lean weekends.

Daniels is back! Well, we should be set I guess at LE, for a year anyway. Wow...34 and 36...the ages of our left ends. I can't wait until Peppers and Freeney turn 35! We will be all over that!

Here is a fantasy teaser. I want to start talking fantasy football so bad right now but Kevin always gets upset when it is 6 months away and I act like it never ends. From the National Football Post, Joe Fortenbaugh looks at what would be the top 10 fantasy running backs. Noticeably absent??? CP! The more comments we get about this the better I will feel about myself when I launch my fantasy posts.

Here is an updated free agent list from anyone you think we could use or pay?

It will be interesting to see how the road back to the NFL goes for Michael Vick. Here is a tad of insight into Goodell's thought process right now.

In the "At Least This Kind of Thing Doesn't Only Happen to D.C. Teams" category, the 49ers released Jonas Jennings, a hyped up tackle signed when Mike Nolan came on board in 2005. The dude signed for $36 million and besides playing in only 23 of 64 games in the time he was there, he finished 3 of the 4 seasons on IR.

For all you hungover HogsHaven fans today, here is an old SI article on our dear friend, John Riggins.