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Daily Slop

Pierson Prioleau signs with Saints [saintsgab]

Skins blogger becomes Cooley's bitch [Skins Blog] (pretty funny bit)

First look at Madden 2010 [Shutdown Corner]

Texans RB Ryan Moats faces worst cop ever racing to hospital to see dying mother-in-all [yahoo] (video is here)

Moats: My mother-in-law is dying!
Cop: Shut your mouth....I can screw you over....Your attitude sucks....I can make your life very diffcult....You want me to arrest you for running a red light?

Photo Gallery inside the new Yankees Stadium [nypost]

Partying with Haynesworth (via Steinberg and Deadspin) . I think it's pretty clear in the second half of this video that Hayensworth is not drinking just Voss water. This video is 3 years old. I forgot LenDale and Snoop DO double G are cuz's.