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HH Community Mock Draft: Pick #8 - Jax Jaguars Select...

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2009-draft-300_medium With the 8th overall pick, the Jacksonville Jaguars select Percy Harvin (Florida).


monk81 with the pick...

Jacksonville made it very clear what they were looking for when they released Matt Jones. In doing so, they created their biggest need. They need a big play receiver. Harvin has the athleticism and the dynamic play-making ability that the Jaguars have been in need of for years. While they have many needs this offseason (OL, ILB, Safety), their biggest need is to get Gerrard going this year. He is accurate if he has somebody to throw to, and Reggie Williams can't do it alone. Heck, Reggie couldn't even do anything with Matt Jones.

Packers are on the clock (sugar)....