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HH Community Mock Draft: Pick #3 - KC Chiefs Select...


With the third pick, the Kansas City Chiefs select OL Eugene Monroe from Virginia.


KevinE with the pick:

I really wanted to select a defensive player here since the Chiefs defense each year is consistently laughable. Orakpo is one of those players I would love to select here. Looking at KC's stats from last year, their offensive stats ranked higher (better) than their defensive ones. Chiefs were 4th worst in Points Against and 6th worst in Time on the Field. Offensively, the Chiefs ranked 24th in Yards per game, 20th in passing, and 12th in sacks allowed.

Certainly Thigpen's mobility helped in a reduced number of sacks. Cassel obviously does not have a lot of mobility, which is all the more reason a OL is needed. With a franchise QB and a RB in his prime, it is imperative that the Chiefs provide them protection with that Willie Roaf type monster. For that reason, a 6'5 - 315lb lineman from a school that pumps out solid OL is exactly what the Chiefs need - Eugene Monroe is an excellent addition with very low risk.

Seattle Seahawks (sugar) is on the clock...