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Daily Slop: Redskins not primetime worthy

Opening NFL weekend games & Thanksgiving schedule set []
(Skins shut out - fueling talk of matchup @ Dallas for first home game)

Cleveland fan aplogizes to Cooley. Order restored. [Cooley blog]

Chris Horton collects a $342K paycheck [WaTimes

Getting to Known DeMaurice Smith []
(Art Monk approves of the new Executive Director of the NFL Players Association)

TO skips first voluntary workout []
(Let the shenanigans begin)

Update from Owners meetings and where the NFL is headed [cnnsi]
(Dan Snyder knows what he is doing)

"I don't think it's a long shot any more in regards to an uncapped season. It's probably going to happen. It's just the reality now and everyone's dealing with it.'' - Anonymous GM

15 best Simpsons quotes of all time [makefive]

JustinU804 STILL not responding with mock draft pick for Lions. Anyone want to take it? [HogsHaven Community mockdraft]