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Daily Slop: Cutler last week, Sanchez this week

Redskins to bring in Mark Sanchez for private workout on Wednesday []

Lions in negotiations with 1st round pick []
(KFFL reporting Jason Smith)

2009 Wonderlic Score Test Results [faniq]
(Percy Harvin, Michael Crabtree, Andre Smith, and Darrius Hey-Bey are not smart)

87-year old Joey Galloway signs with Patriots [cnnsi]

Shaq goes bowling at home game and twitters at halftime
(Of course this all against the Washington Wizards game the other night)

A-Rod and Eliot Spitzer have a lot in common [deadspin]

Gilbert Arenas playing this week? [Mister Irrelevant]

So we need to talk about Mark Sanchez for a second. If the USC QB is available at #13, do the Skins draft him? I'm sure most people would agree with me that it is a bad idea. We wasted used a 6th round pick on a QB last year (I'm a Colt fan...just heard we could have gotten him a lot later). My thinking is that the Skins are bringing in Sanchez for a workout to send a message to the league that they would be willing to take him, and that would make teams more serious about wanting to trade up to our spot. In essence, a bluff. If teams know we won't take a QB, then they'll just trade up to the #14 pick. Vinny has stated that his philosophy is "draft the best player available"...hopefully a WR is not still on the board.