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Free Agency Updates: NFC East foes


So with the Redskins getting all the attention, I thought it'd be good to take a moment and take a look at what the other NFC East teams have been up to in the Free Agency circus. I was completely shocked to hear the Eagles let Dawkins go to the Broncos. The Eagles would only offer him a 1-year when he wanted 2-years. The guy is the heart and soul of that team...what's an extra year? The Eagles' blog seems to be OK with it, since Dawkins has lost a step, and it was a boat load of cash. Quintin Demps will take over for Dawk. Lito wanted out of Philly, so that trade was bound to happen. It certainly will be odd not seeing the dark visor blitzing against us anymore. Full run-down:

NY Giants
Signed OLB Michael Boley.
Signed Defensive tackle Rocky Bernard.
Signed DE Chris Canty (6-year, $42 million, $17.5 guaranteed)

PHI Eagles
Brian Dawkins to Broncos (2-year, $9.5 mil, $7.5 guaranteed)
Correll Buckhalter signs with Broncos
Lito Sheppard to the Jets for a 5th round pick
Safety Sean Considine signs with Jaguars
Signed OL Stacy Andrews

DAL Cowgirls
Cut Brad Johnson
Traded CB Anthony Henry to the Lions for Jon Kitna
Cut Zach Thomas and added Keith Brooking

Dallas bloggers seem to be OK with losing Canty. To me, it looks like the Skins progressed massively, while our foes have either gone backwards (DAL) or stayed neutral (Eagles/NY Giants). Maybe the Skins have a chance now of not getting swept by Big Blue.