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Daily Slop

"The Jeff Garcias of the world are unemployed, yet Dan Orlovsky has a job." Ross Tucker's 'Inside the NFL' on CNNSI.

Good timing on a Jason Campbell article...Jason Reid updates us on the QB's offseason prep and process.

Where there is smoke, there is fire. Carolina is denying they are in talks to send Peppers to New England. Hmmmmmm...great, Peppers and Jason Taylor on that line will be dangerous (assuming Taylor somehow ends up there.)

Clark Judge rings in on the Jay Cutler saga, with today's take focusing on Jake Plummer's unfair shake in the Mile High City.

Renaldo Wynn is indeed of those announcements that simply fails to move the little soldier at all, but does give the team a little depth. Chances he makes the final 53? I say 55%.

As always when I give you the slop, here is your video of the day (I will keep on with the SI videos until I run out of them).