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Hogs Haven Community Mock Draft Signup


HogsHaven is currently preparing their first round mock draft, but in the meantime we thought'd it be fun to do a community one. We'd like to do two rounds, so whatever team you select, assume you're in for the 2nd round too. Hopefully we get enough people rolling in this that we can start in the next couple days.


We'll update this list as people comment on this post which team they want to draft for. ...list of draft order after the jump.


Draft picks and your description why you chose that player can be emailed to us. And then we'll add a poll to see if the community agrees and I'm sure the comments will be interesting.

Sorry, sugar as expected already claimed WAS. How he beat me and I'm posting the article I'm still trying to figure out. I definitely plan on berating him whoever he chooses.

1 Detroit Lions - JustinU804
2 St. Louis Rams - skinsymets
3 Kansas City Chiefs - kevine
4 Seattle Seahawks
5 Cleveland Browns - hibachi 
6 Cincinnati Bengals 
7 Oakland Raiders 
8 Jacksonville Jaguars
9 Green Bay Packers 
10 San Francisco 49ers 
11 Buffalo Bills - Rep56
12 Denver Broncos - Rep56
13 Washington Redskins - sugar
14 New Orleans Saints - kevine
15 Houston Texans - TexSkins 
16 San Diego Chargers 
17 New York Jets
18 Chicago Bears - WCG 
19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers
20 Detroit Lions (from Dallas) - JustinU804
21 Philadelphia Eagles - dr WNC 
22 Minnesota Vikings
23 New England Patriots - sugar
24 Atlanta Falcons - hibachi
25 Miami Dolphins
26 Baltimore Ravens - purpleonblack86
27 Indianapolis Colts 
28 Philadelphia Eagles (from Carolina) - dr WNC 
29 New York Giants 
30 Tennessee Titans
31 Arizona Cardinals - DbacksSkins
32 Pittsburgh Steelers