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Daily Slop: First day of work

Voluntary Off-season workouts begin today. Zorn comments []
(Portis, Griffin, Dockery out, Hall and Haynesworth expected in)

DC lawyer DeMaurice Smith to replace Gene Upshaw [WaTimes]
(Partner at Patton Boggs and has ties to Obama)

Summary of all the mock drafts and who the Skins will most likely take [ffbjungle]

Donte Stallworth one-ups Haynesworth...fatally runs over pedestrian [fsp]

Buffalo Fans line up to buy TO jerseys [buffalo insider]
(Do they not realize they'll be throwing them away in 11 months?)

Bill Belichick and Charlie Weis sing Wanted Dead or Alive [deadspin]

Final 12 contestants picked for Michael Irvin's reality show [dallas news]

I just realized the Pats have one 1st round pick and THREE 2nd round picks [hr]
(must be nice)