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Skins vs Ravens: Comcast SportsNet's Bracket Challenge 2009

Ravens_fanatic_medium FINAL CALL. Seeing a Ravens' super-fan of 40 years have to photo and blog pictures of himself wearing a Skins jersey in Baltimore to work is worth this. We need as many people to enter as possible. Takes 2 mins. Link and group name is below. Thanks all!






The blogger for SBNation's Ravens' blog and I were trash-talking about whose city knows more about college basketball. It's pretty clear it's DC given all the big b-ball schools in our area. Well, he disagrees and now we have a bet. All the members of his blog versus all the Hogs Haven bloggers via NCAA brackets. The loser of this contest has to wear the opposing team's NFL jersey all day (including work). Please Hogs Haven...don't let me down on this one. Getting laid off work in a Matt Stover jersey will only end in me jumping off the American Legion Bridge.

The Comcast SportsNet has a bracketology contest that allows us to create groups, so we did that. I just created my account and it's easy....and you don't have to enter your address or any of that BS. When you create your account, click the "Interact" tab up top, then click "Join a Public Group" for  "hogs" and you'll see the link to click  "Hogs Haven." Their group is named the 'Baltimore Beatdown.'  "Beatdown"...that's what Ray Lewis likes to do to innocent people outside Atlanta clubs. Anyway....

NOTE: Comcast SporstsNet is giving away a 42" Sony HDTV, a Wii, and Year supply of Vitamin water as the top 3 prizes in the overall contest of all groups and contestants. So decent stuff.  This bracket emails you reminders to do your picks, so no excuses on that. Word.

CLICK HERE TO ENTER NOW....and add group name 'Hogs Haven'.

ps - The Ravens fans are fighting back on me on their bracket post...