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Rock talks about Knowing ('kind of') Haynesworth was a Skin pre-Free Agency

Rock Cartwright obviously doesn't understand the tampering rule in the NFL, but I'm sure he does now. Luckily for Skins fans, and Dan Snyder, Rock's exacting word left in subjective tones. Thanks to the Titans SBNation blog for emailing me this article. I'll quote their blog post:

"The morning free agency started, Redskins RB Rock Cartwright went on ESPN 980 in D.C. to talk about the Albert Haynesworth signing:"

Host: At what time did you learn Albert Haynesworth was going to be a teammate, Rock?

Rock Cartwright:  This morning when I woke up I put it on NFL network and breaking news went across the screen saying he had signed for $100 million, but I kind of had an idea they were going to sign him anyways because one of my teammates said they have same agent* and he said that they had been talking.

(ed. note: WR Malcolm Kelley is also represented by Albert's agent, Chad Speck)

Come on people!! THINK!! It may be a non-issue since Rock specifically said, "[I] kind of had an idea". There certainly is some wiggle room here. We all "kind of had an idea" since it was public that Dan Snyder and Chad Speck had dinner before Free Agency started. Rock, please stay quiet from now on.

In regards to the penalty, August continues:

The Bears got a pick from the 49ers for tampering with Lance Briggs, and they seemed to have much less evidence.  Plus they didn't even lose Briggs, whereas out attempts to re-sign Albert were blown to bits once that crazy offer hit the papers.  

This is tampering at its worst, and Snyder should be hammered by the Commissioner for this.  The Bears got a 5th round pick and a swap in the 3rd rounded, so anything less than a 3rd or multiple late picks from the Redskins would be an insult.

Source: Music City Miracles