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Daily Slop

Former Redskins offensive lineman Ross Tucker writes about the T.O./Buffalo union. (CNNSI)

U2 playing Fedex Field (Rick Snider)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers LB Geno Hayes stabbed by girlfriend (Terp fans may remember him from his Florida State days.) (ESPN)

Matt Jones, the big receiver down in Jacksonville, is in trouble again. Man, at 6'6" and with all that athleticism, I really wanted him in the draft to come to D.C. I guess we did okay not taking him it seems. (CBS)

At the National Football Post, Wes bunting gives us his latest top 100 draft prospects, of which the Skins will hopefully get 2.

Interesting note: Unless I missed something obvious, I did not see a front page story anywhere on any national news sites about any possible tampering charges against the Redskins. Comcast Sportsnite reported last evening that the Titans thought they had enough evidence.

And finally, for all you fantasy football fans, imagine Drew Brees with yet another pass-catching receiver out of the backfield if he gets his way and New Orleans lands L.T. It looks like San Diego is the most likely place for him to end up, but just thinking about Brees having Colston, Moore, Meachem, Shockey, Bush, and Tomlinson to throw to on any given play is enough to cause serious fantasy football wood.