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Missing NFL players off Florida Coast


Jay Cutler is pissed...even more than he normally seems to be.

You think everyone is poo-pooing the Haynesworth signing? Not so:

Clifton Brown at The Sporting News says he is worth the gamble.

From the Green Bay Press Gazette in December, suggesting Haynesworth was worth more than the deal that Jared Allen got from the Vikings. Interesting note--the Vikes gave him a huge deal AND gave up picks. Again, old news here, but this goes to establishing that people knew Big Al was going to be expensive, and he was widely considered to be worth it.

Here's a video from Fox Sports, also from before the Haynesworth signing, pointing out that the market was going to be very high and that it was largely expected that the Lions and Bucs would be the ones getting him due to their huge salary cap space.

Don Cherry is a d-bag. For all of his flamboyant and self-promoting ways, to come out against Ovechkin's goal celebrations, in a time when hockey is still re-building itself, is moronic. Here you go Don, please share this with Sidney Crosby: