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Mel Kaufman...R.I.P.

Mel Kaufman has passed away, as was just reported on Comcast Sportsnite. He was currently coaching the linebackers at his alma mater, Cal Poly. The cause of death is listed as unknown.

As most of us did, I grew up watching teams in the burgundy and gold that were made up of true professionals, most of them playing an entire career in one town, ours. Mel played his entire 8-year career with the Washington Redskins and #55 was near and dear to all the fans who watched those great teams. He played from 1981 to 1988, playing in 3 Super Bowls, and served as the team captain for a stretch.He started 79 of 91 games, recording 18.5 sacks and 7 INT's--they did not keep tackle stats back then.

He picked up a 3rd Super Bowl ring as the team's scouting supervisor in 1991.

He spent a great deal of time giving back to our community and was always very appreciative of the support he received from the Redskins' faithful. Mel was 50 yrs old. All of our thoughts and prayers go to his family right now.