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Isn't This What They Do In China?

Just caught one of the latest pieces from Rick Reilly. In it, he warns against being a member of the seemingly lucky group of folks that get to be on the field during the halftime show.

Maybe I'm the last person to find out that this is how the Super Bowl halftime show works, but there is something very un-American about training people to cheer for Bruce Springsteen.

Two 10-hour practices? You can't hear what the band is playing? And you can't see even a single second of the game?

Man, I was watching that and it looked like those people were having a 12 minute orgasm. I am literally beside myself I am so upset by this. Seriously, isn't this kind of lame shit China does to make their events look like everyone is having the time of their lives? How much would it have cost them to point a speaker at the 2,000 souls giving all their energy to the band?

I can understand having to practice enjoying yourself in the days when the halftime show was some weak ensemble performance where N'Sync, Aerosmith and Kelly Clarkson would join on stage to do a 12 minute set that made a colonoscopy seem like a day at Disney World.

This is upsetting.