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Just Kill the Pro Bowl (for now)

The NFL announced that they might have to blackout the Pro Bowl due to poor ticket sales. Blacking out a game in a major city like St. Louis or Detroit makes sense since fans are choosing not to go, but when the Pro Bowl is on an island 2560 miles from the nearest fans, how are you suppose to sell tickets, especially when no one gives a shit about the game and the economy is in the toilet?

I'm trying to recall the number of times I have actually watched the Pro Bowl. Of the three or four times I have, I know every time I always end up flipping around to amazing movies like Road House and Real Genius, and I never flip back. 

"The NFL is not immune to the pressures of the economic environment and that's true for all of our events and all of our games"

So why not just kill the Pro Bowl temporarily? Players have been quite vocal they don't really care for the game. I was quite shocked to hear that not only will the Pro Bowl be in Miami next year, but also it will be the week before the Super Bowl. How is that going to work for the players that are in the Super Bowl? I'd imagine they get a hall pass from playing, but that makes the game a bigger joke. Whichever teams are in the Super Bowl usually have a combined 3+ players in the Pro Bowl, so with them out, who really cares? If the players do play in the Pro Bowl, can you imagine Roger Goodell's day on the job if someone gets hurt? Seriously, the Pro Bowl makes sense when everyone has tons of disposable income. Just kill it for now. No one will even notice, especially since Ray Lewis and Clinton Portis will probably skip it next year anyway