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Less Than 2 Weeks to Combine

The Combine begins on Feb 18th and the invite list has been posted up online by the NFL. Who Vinny and his staff are targeting is anyone's guess, but has a nice summary of all the mock-drafts. When totaling all the picks for the Skins #1, a lot of DEs emerge: 

DE Brian Orakpo (8)
DE Everette Brown (14)
DE Aaron Maybin (5)
OT Jason Smith (17)
OT Michael Oher (6 as Skins' pick but lots as #2 pick as well)
DE Michael Johnson (7 as Skins' pick but some mentions as possible #2)
LB James Laurinaitis (6)
DT Peria Jerry (3)
DT BJ Raji (4)
OT Eben Britton (2)
LB Aaron Curry (3 as Skins' pick and a mention as #1 overall)
CB Vontae Davis (3)

HogsHaven will be covering the combine coverage thoroughly, but what are your early thoughts? Jansen wants another year, but it's obvious we need both talent and depth at OL. We could use a stud DE with the first pick. Pick your poison I guess. 

Sugar just don't see Maybin making it all the way to #13, but he wants him on this team badly, "He could blossom into a Terrell Suggs type of player for the Skins. Imagine, drafting a player like that instead of paying $9 million per year for a 28 or 29 year old version on the downswing." Indeed.