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Fan Posts & Fan Shots

Hey everyone. I just wanted to touch base with the community and remind everyone that they are welcome and encouraged to contribute to this site as much as us. The FanPosts and FanShots can be both found down the right column above and below the poll.

"FanPosts" are for hot Redskins news or thoughts on the Redskins that have a bit of substance. There is a 75-word minimum on FanPosts so it requires a little more thought or some quotes from the articles referenced. If you find yourself just wanting to post a YouTube video, a funny or interesting quote, or some off-topic non-Redskins news, "FanShots" is the perfect place to do it. It's the equivalent to the Facebook Wall, and you'll find the user-interface very similar.

The fan posts are starting to pick back up, so great job by the whole community for keeping the FanPosts and FanShots fresh with news and other stuff. I really appreciate you guys posting in both places because this blog works best when all of the community is involved. Also, if you see a FanPost or FanShot that you really like, you can give it a recommend ("Rec" link) and if it gets over five, it will move up to the recommended list. We can jump it straight to the main site as well. Here's a link for detailed info on creating these Fan posts if you need it. 

That's all. Cheers.