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Redskins: Getting Under the Salary Cap

Salary_cap_medium Everyone take a deep breath. WIth the big three signings of DeAngelo Hall, Fat Albert, and Dock, there are a lot of questions about how the Redskins will get under the cap. As of right now, we have some work to do, and the Washington Times just posted an article how Vinny will most likely do this:

Haynesworth's $7.9 million salary cap cost and Hall's $5.2 million left Washington about $1 million under the cap, far from enough to afford Dockery. So defensive end Jason Taylor might have to re-work his $8 million base salary mostly into signing bonus to save nearly $6 million....[Vinny] won't sign a front-line punter to compete with the inexperienced Zac Atterberry and will find a replacement for linebacker Marcus Washington in the draft.

Dockery is projected to cost approximately $2.5 mil against the cap. Cerrato said on Redskins Nation Friday that the first round draft pick is still in the budget, so, deep breath, it sounds like everything is under control.

Note: Demetric Evans is expected to visit the San Francisco 49ers on Monday, according to a league source.