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The Outsider offers a bleak outlook on the Skins ability to sign the biggest name of the free agent class, Haynesworth. (Washington Post)

Similar angle, much less annoying writer. (Washington Times)

The National Football Post goes through the positions at the combine and rates the "good, the bad, and don't buy the hype".

Learn up, son! Today's history lesson is straight out of Wikipedia, with a whole page dedicated to the Redskins-Cowgirls' rivalry. The midterm will cover all in-class readings, as well as all assigned text. The early days of this thing contain some amazing stories.

Want to know more about Dave Butz? I thought here.

Jerry Seinfeld is back with NBC. I can't imagine he is that hard up for dough, but NBC the jury is out on whether or not this will suck.

This is not exactly hot off the presses (the news according to me rarely is), but V is back. The TV show about alien visitors that tried to destroy Earth in the early 80's. Don't act like you don't know...(