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Daily Slop: Free Agents

DeAngelo Hall has 2 agents in the mix [WaTimes]

Fans are pushing Cooley's patience [Cooley Blog]

Reed Doughty and D. Evans won't receive tender offers [WaPost]

Redskins have that tingly feeling for Orakpo (me too) [WaTimes]

Snyder/Vinny eyeing Cowboys' Chris Canty to replace Daniels? [Redskins Insider]

Skins look to add another Bills LB to replace Marcus Washington [WaTimes]

McNabb wants a premier WR or he's out [ESPN]

The 4 stages of Life [Picture]

Note: The Titans reportedly offered Haynesworth four years and $36 million, with $20-25 million guaranteed, which he rejected. Painsworth is seeking to break Jared Allen's record and is asking for $35 million in guaranteed cash. Bold move in this economy.