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Zorn Speaks at the Combine

Ryan O'Halloran from the Washington Times is in Indy covering the combine and was there to hear Zorn's updates on the Redskins

[Randy] Thomas is experiencing some numbness. Our guess is that a disk was pinching against the spine.

Yikes. O-Line draft picks it is!

Zorn doesn’t expect cornerback DeAngelo Hall or left guard Pete Kendall to be re-signed before they become unrestricted free agents on Feb. 27 but said the Redskins want to bring both players back.

I wish we had a little more info here. It was evident #23 loves playing for his hometown Skins, and the Redskins have been vocal about how much they appreciate him. So why isn't this deal happening? How much money are we talking about here? Smoot left for Minnesota, from what I recall, the same amount signing bonus and a slightly higher annual salary then the Skins offered. As we all know, Fred was miserable in Minnesota. Many players in the NFL take a slightly lower salary to stick with their city/team. So what's the problem? Knowing Snyder's reputation, Hall knows he can get the total amount anyway, so I guess that answers that.

Zorn ruled out drafting a punter for the second consecutive year.

Haha. Classic that this had to even be brought up.

Despite an $8 million salary and a bad 2008 season, Jason Taylor might be back. “We hope to have him back,” Zorn said.

I seem to be the only one OK with Jason Taylor staying. We gave up a 2nd round pick for this guy and a 6th next year. If he avoids never-heard-before calf injuries, perhaps he can contribute like we thought. He finished the season strong after all. If we draft a stud DE, what better mentor for him to have his first year than Jason Taylor?

Zorn also stated Campbell's contract extension will not be a distraction for the QB. If Campbell is already vocal about wanting one, how can it not be a distraction?There's no doubt he puts in a lot of extra time, but I have to agree with Vinny on this one. Campbell has never showed he can carry the team to a win like so many elite QBs do. If Campbell has a solid first half of the season, Snyder will show him the money.

Receiver Malcolm Kelly underwent knee surgery after the season and Zorn hopes to have him back for OTAs...

Malcolm Kelly reminds me too much of Gil. I'm not going to keep my hopes up on him anymore.