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Vinny Cerrato talks Combine Strategy

Crazy eyes spoke with the NFL Network this week answering several questions regarding how he goes about analyzing college players. From Vinny's answers, I don't know why the Skins even bother showing up at the Combine.

You got to go by what the guy does on film. Bottom line is you are gonna play football. You're not gonna go out there in shorts and t-shirts and run around in underwear. Production on tape is the most critical thing.

[In the combine], Fred Davis dropped every ball. But studying tape, he never dropped a ball. Fred blamed it on the lighting.

Dear Lord. So I guess this means anytime the Skins play an opponent indoors, we should make Fred inactive? Two other notables from the interview, Vinny likes to sniff A LOT. SNIFF SNIFF. Not sure what that is about. The other observation is every example he uses for the drills is a WR.