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Over/Under: 16.5 Games for Zorn

We all know Danny-boy is quite impatient when it comes to head coaches. That makes me think, what will happen to Zorn if we don't make the playoffs next year? Every year the Skins have high expectations, so anything short of post-season is a let down.

For Zorn to make it past 16 games, that means we either make the playoffs, or we miss the playoffs but Zorn keeps his job. I can't help but think Zorn has learned a ton after the way teams were able to adjust to (and destroy) our offense the second half of the season. It almost seemed like the fix was in watching all these three and outs. Sure, the O was never stellar the first half of the season and the schedule was easier, but at least we moved the ball.

Anyway, I personally think Zorn will be gone. I like the guy, but after that 6-2 dick tease start, patience is running thin. Russ Grimm is certainly a sexy pick for head coach being a former DC hero and the fact he is a success everywhere he goes. Players love him, and he demands respect. It's exactly what any team needs. It can't be a coincidence everywhere Grimm goes he's a winner. He has a Super Bowl ring with the Steelers in 2005, and of course a SB appearance with the Cards this year.

Where my argument falls apart is the development of Jason Campbell. Though JC's numbers are not gaudy, if he does have that break out year we're all waiting hoping for, then Zorn is back to being the Messiah.