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Redskins Outsider Offers Info

I am not a JLC fan in the least. But his latest piece does seem to put my mind at ease a little over the ARE and Carter restructured deals.

If I read this right the Skins can make a decision on these guys after next season that could positively impact the team. Is this evidence of a good decision by Vinny and Danny? If there is no cap in 2010, then all the dead cap space in the world would not matter. So if they get cut after next season, the $9-10 million bones of dead cap space matters not.

I have been an active proponent of using ARE as trade bait to get a draft pick. Well that ain't happening, so let's change gears. What we lose in trade bait we gain in a wide receiver with experience. He dropped too many balls last year, and was a non-factor in the punt return game. But he is a professional that can suit up on a weekly basis and be the escape route for JC in the soft spots of the secondary. He was actually starting to do just this before he was slowed down a bit with the hamstring problems. So maybe we can make some applesauce out of this one.

However, Carter should not be signing any multi-year condo leases. He is a hard worker and has undeniable talent, but he has no real presence on our defensive line. If we aren't sporting some young studs at the DE spots in the next 2 years, we are screwed. If anything, they should let Andre drop to OLB where he had some good production for the 49ers.


What do you guys think?