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Naming the Cowboys New Stadium

The Cowboys have yet to find an official sponsor for their new stadium. In case you happen to have some extra money laying around, Jerry Jones, in this economy, is asking $400 million for 20 years. I heard that Citibank is considering using part of the bailout to purchase the name (kidding). Anyway, since it looks like the stadium won't have an immediate name, I thought it was only fair that Skins Nation help give it a temporary name. Here's what I came up with:

Cowboy Bail Bonds Stadium (company really exists!)
- The Jerry Jones Stadium Brought To You By Jerry Jones' Ego (artmonk4ever)
- Dallas Domestic Violence Stadium Center 
- Santana Moss's House
- Vagisil Stadium (monk81)
- Glock & Gatling Stadium (probably better suited for the new Giants Stadium)

Anyone got any other names to suggest? Comment below...

PS - I will be posting this entry as a FanShot on the Cowboys blog at the beginning of next week for some laughs since the off-season is rather slow right now.